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Any house can become a home, provided it offers the aura of happiness, comfort, relaxation, beauty and prosperity. The above said prominent qualities and much more matters, while deciding on a particular home style. It’s because, a home is more than a shelter; it is an emotional repository for all our sweet memories! Whether you are planning to build a home, buy a home, or rent a home, there are several crucial factors, which have to be looked into, before taking the huge step forward. Of all the vital parameters, the two most popular, indisputable factors are ‘beauty and comfort’. No matter who the buyer is or what their budget is, everyone wants to own a home that is spaciously comfortable and stylishly beautiful!

The advancements in the field of civil engineering and architectural engineering leave no stones unturned in fascinating the world with enchanting technological developments, where you certainly end up not knowing what to choose and what to leave, while making careful housing choices. The modern field of architecture offers wide varieties of home styles, satisfying all your basic criteria like budget, location, material types etc.

Construction vs. Architecture

Before learning about the popular home styles, let us try to understand the significant difference between these commonly used words, construction and architecture, while making a home purchase.
While construction adds ‘structure’ to your home, architecture, enhances your ‘ordinary house’ to a ‘dream home’ by adorning it with necessary plans, styles and nuances. Thus a creative architecture thrives on a solid construction and hence should go hand-in-hand to amplify the home’s elegance!

The 5 most elegant home styles

Not everyone who buys a home, uses it for their permanent livelihood or use it for their sole purpose! They may either rent it or even promote it as a holiday home, thus making it a prospective source of income. So, depending upon the purpose, there are different architectural home styles on varying scales of budgets and requirements on https://www.buildloghomes.org/.

Log homes

Who wouldn’t be awe-struck by the aesthetic appearances of those beautiful log homes portrayed in most of the movies, especially as convivial holiday homes? I’m sure you would be tempted enough to plan a vacation in such beautiful, rustic holiday homes, which certainly offers homely ambience despite being miles away from your home! Because of its rustic look, warmth, coziness, energy efficiency and ‘Green’ properties log homes are favored not only as holiday homes, but also as permanent housing establishments. It is even easier to raise finances for building such homes, as the raw materials involved are not as pricey. Though they offer many advantages, they also come with certain undeniable cons like, termites problem, popping noises, frequent sealing of wood to prevent the moisture from building-up etc.


Cottage Style

Again a popular style of home qualified for both permanent livelihood and as well as charming holiday homes. These types of home styles have taken their name after the homes of European ‘cotters’ or peasant farmers and are architecturally simple and inexpensive. A typical cottage home includes magnificent front porch, peak roofs, chimneys and attics for storage and is usually adorned with climbing creepers with colorful flowers!




These are the most popular housing styles adopted these days, for its efficiency in accommodating greater number of homes in fewer landscape areas. With the ever-growing population this architectural style is a welcoming relief, where more number of people can buy their permanent housing properties in buzzing cities closer to their offices making their daily commute an agreeable one! It gained popularity around the 19th century. These home styles are typically two-storied with minimal or no lawn space, adjoined housing units and garages with traditional, appealing layouts. The rural farmhouses can also serve as a welcoming holiday homes especially during summers with their appealing agricultural charm!

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The popular architectural home styles of rural areas, adapted from Victorian or Colonial styles of homes have now captured enough attention to make their presence in certain urban areas too.

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Even though they have the classic Victorian touch, these homes have also incorporated the modern styles of tall windows, generous porch and metal roofing etc.

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